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This is a community for claiming bishoujo! Have a favorite character? Claim you favorite heroines here! :D


• The first 10 members will get 2 claims. After that, only one claim per person. The Maintainer gets 4 claims, and moderators (helpers) get 3. Do not use other usernames to get more claims. If I find out that you have, I'll ban you and remove your claims.

• Please read the claims list and check it before you make your claim. It will be dated, so you may want to check back a few entries to make sure your claim isn't taken.

• Make sure you state the name of the Anime/Manga/Game that your bishoujo is from. Incomplete claims will not be added to the claims list. If I am unfamiliar with the character you've chosen, I'll add them as you gave them to me in your claim.

• Don't put your claim in comments. Claims in comments will be ignored. I probably won't see them anyway, so make a new post when claiming. Don't e-mail claims.

• There will be contests held for earning new claims. Details will be available when a contest is announced.

• Advertising for other communities is fine, but please, do not post more than once. It would also be appreciated if you'd link to us in your user info of the community you're advertising. Notify me, and I'll link you in return.

• Be nice kids. I'm ok with play-fighting, but if things get out of hand, I'll warn you. If it gets bad, I will ban you.

♥ Claims As Of July 10, 2002 ♥

The claiming madness began with anime_names, thanks to sight!!

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