C.A. Coleman (pariah164) wrote in bishoujo_names,
C.A. Coleman

Shameless Plug!

Yes, I must plug these three communities I opened:

by_the_stars Claim those sick little couples you thought you'd never see. Like Alucard from Hellsing? Think he's be a perfect match with Tohru from Fruits Basket? That little couple is all yours.

anotherchance It's your worst nightmare: Someone beat you to that song, or that character you've been wanting to claim for weeks! No matter where you go, it's claimed! What is a person to do? Come here and claim it, of course!

xenosaga_claims Following on the success of ff_real_emotion , this community is all about Xenosaga. Come here to claim chaos' gloves, or whatever else he has you want. Or any Xenosaga character, for that matter.

Sorry folks! Just passing through.
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